Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lots of sexy quartz.

Eve, The Seductress
First, take a big, juicy faceted asymmetrical ruby quartz stone and then place it above a long, lovely crystal quartz stick, all held together with sterling wire. The ruby quartz stones are a beautiful fresh blood red, and for those who might be inclined to describe jewelry as sexy (my sweetie kind of laughed when I said they were sexy -- some people just don't get it...), these earrings are. Partly it's the ruby quartz, its color and glow. But also it's the smooth drip of the crystal quartz sticks, lovely inclusions sparkling n the light. The mix of textures and shapes really make these a captivating pair of earrings.

As mentioned, the sticks are full of lovely inclusions. I can appreciate AAA-quality stones, that's for sure. There's something about the flawlessness that can be captivating. But really, in some ways I love the flawed ones even more, because they catch the light differently, and remind us that yes, these are real stones, with real imperfections, not imitation. These earrings are 2 1/4" long at the drop and their price: $22.50. And yes, they are sexy. Very sexy. :)

The Little Black Dress
This next pair are very much like the previous pair, except they are made from faceted, asymmetrical jet black quartz. Another difference is that the quartz crystals on these are a bit shorter, for an overall shorter earring at 2" from the drop. The black facets, smooth crystal sticks and shiny sterling silver all lend a nice glimmer and glow.

These earrings have the same sexy quotient, and with elegance to boot. Definitely the perfect earrings to wear with that little black dress. This pair also sells for $22.50.

Bubble Gum
This tiny, little pair of rose quartz and pink and blue Czech glass earrings remind me of my teen years in their colors and freshness. I didn't alter this photo to make the earrings glow; they just glow all on their own, in the light.

The focal stones are 6mm pale rose quartz coin disc beads, with lots of lovely inclusions. They are snuggled in with frosted baby blue and iridescent pink Czech beads. The length of the earrings are exactly 1" at the drop. Cute, swingy little things. And very affordable at $8.50.

I adore swingy, swaggy earrings, and especially on people with short hair, where the earrings hang down and swig around hypnotically. I particularly like it when it's earrings that pick up the light like these purple-y lavender lampwork and Czech glass earrings do.

All metal is sterling silver, of course, including the chain. The beads used are pearlized large, and bi-color seed (purple center, blue outside), Czech glass. These are used at the top of the earrings, and then also to surround the luminescent lampwork glass earrings made with purple and lavender center and outside, with light pink-lavender swirls and polka dots. They measure 2 1/8" at the drop and sell for $16.50.

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