Wednesday, June 11, 2008


This pendant is made from opalite, basically a very pretty faux opal-like substance used in more and more jewelry these days, as opals become more rare and more expensive. The opalite in this pendant changes colors, depending upon the kind of light that is hitting it and where, so it really does have a lovely and changing glow.

It is in a sterling silver setting, and from it drops five soft pink glass cabochon briolettes decorated with light pink iridescent glass seed beads, iridescent mauve seed beads, and very pale lavender larger czech glass beads.

The photo with my hand is to give a bit of an idea of the scale of the pendant. It also shows, more than the other photos (because, as I mention below, it doesn't always show), the little flaw at the bottom of the 'stone.'

The total length of the pendant from top of bail to the bottom of the longest drop is 3". It comes with a simple black faux suede cord that I will cut to size for whomever orders it, up to 36." It is finished with a lobster claw clasp. All metal used on the necklace is sterling silver.

You can see from a couple of the photos that it has a little flaw in the back on the bottom, but also as you can see, it doesn't always show up. But because it's there, I'm taking $10 off the price of the pendant; therefore, the price for this piece is $35.00.

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