Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Birth of the Abundant Venus Goddess Collection.

Yeah, I know, bad art pun. Can't help it.

This collection has been a good while in the making. I found these marvelous sugar druzy agates and instantly knew I must have them to make jewelry from. The Venus of Willendorf has long spoken to me -- from the first Art History class I attended many years ago.

She is also a kind of a mascot for feminism in some ways, and definitely for size acceptance, both of which I think are important. As women, we are taught that our bodies are to look a certain way and to deviate from the norm is to be an undesirable pariah. I reject this out of hand, but it took me decades to do it, having grown up a fat baby, child, adolescent, teen and adult. I used to buy into the mantra that women must be thin, and I, therefore, hated my fat body.

As I grew older, I started seeing the brainwashing we all receive about how unattractive we are unless we lose weight, wear this kind of makeup, diet for bikini season, and on and on ad nauseam. All of this is mostly for the purpose of amassing vast fortunes by diet companies, plastic surgeons, makeup companies -- basically the 'Health & Beauty' industry, and their lapdogs: advertising agencies.

We are not all meant to look alike or to have similar bodies. There is variety in every single organic thing on the planet; why should we human beings be any different? We are meant to be different heights, colors, sizes, and with differing personalities. It's part of our beauty, really, and just because some cannot see that beauty, it is not negated.

Part of the purpose here at Adorn Me jewelry is to include fat women in the process of having jewelry that actually fits. I don't know how many times I fell in love with a watch or a bracelet or a ring, only to find it didn't fit me. It wasn't for me. That will not happen here. I make jewelry in standard sizing, but also in larger sizing. And if you see something here that you like and I can re-create it larger for you, I will do so. I will also be making custom necklace extenders so that necklaces that aren't large enough can be made large enough almost seamlessly. I don't exclude any size, but it is important to me to pay special attention to the needs of my fat sisters.

With all of the aforementioned in mind, I introduce to you the first two pieces from what will be the Abundant Venus Collection.
First, Auburn Venus. Ms. Auburn is not a result of just simple pendant-making and bead-stringing, but aside from that also involves layers of wire-wrapping in the four inch length that holds the pendant. The last photo is a closeup of her lovely, crystal-filled yoni (as a friend termed it -- perfect, really).

This piece uses lots of Autumn colors. The stones included are bronze freshwater pearls, copper freeform pearls, agate, citrine and quartz nuggets, as well as copper and pink iridescent seed beads, a swarovski dangling from the figaro chain used as a belly chain around her waist and a tibetian silver butterfly. This necklace has a large 'S' clasp closure. It is about 20 1/4" in length and sells for $98.00. Auburn Venus is, however not for sale, as she sold before I could even put her up here. I can, however, make another necklace something like it, if you're in love with the stones and colors, though I do not have another Venus her exact color, but somewhat close. This last photo places more of a focus on the little tibetian silver butterfly that you can kind of see in the image of the whole necklace.

Next is Ebony. Ebony is made from a black agate with a nice sugar druzy. This necklace is perfect for evening and sparkles nicely in low lights. The coin disc beads are a perfect compliment to her round belly, and a great foil for the angular diamond-shaped beads.

She hangs from a wrapped silver pendant on a necklace made from black glass disc coin beads, leopard skin jasper (which didn't photograph as clearly as I would have liked), diamond-shaped glass beads and little hematite seed beads. All metal used is sterling silver. The necklace has an 'S' hook closure, and from it is a nice little drop of glass beads and a round 'disco ball' swarovski crystal. It is about 23" long and sells for $56.00.

In the closeups on the left you can get a slightly better look at the leopard skin jasper, and then a closeup of the sugar druzy, which is really the collection of quartz crystals that often form inside of a geode.

Note: Ebony Venus is now sold and will have a new home. :)

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