Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Trapeze Collection

Another new collection has been born; it's called The Trapeze Collection. Right now it's just earrings, but down the road it will include necklaces, too. The Trapeze is Adorn Me's own, original design. They are made using sterling silver wire (though in the future we'll also be using gold-filled) and various pearls, crystals and stones for adornment. The idea is that the focal pearl or stone balances from a trapeze that hangs from a silver circle.

The first example uses white blister pearls with top-drilled Aurora Borealis (AB) swarovski crystals suspended above. This pair hangs approximately 1 5/8" from the drop, which means from where the earring wire loop ends and the top of the earring begins. The pair costs $21.50.

The second pair is named after a friend who lives in a Mossy State. They have lovely moss green blister pearls on the trapeze, with sweet little coppery red fresh water pearls and top-drilled AB swarovski bicone crystals suspended above them. They are approximately 1 3/4" long and cost $21.50.

The great thing about this line is that they can go from blue jeans to little black dress easily.

This pair, Ultrapurple, was created using the most stunningly vibrant blister pearls we've ever seen. So vibrant they could have no other name. And so vibrant the true colors were hard to capture by camera.

The texture is silken smooth and the colors are spectacular, if you like pinky, bright blue purple. Yes, they flash all those colors.

Above these lovely blister pearls are suspended little moonstone chips and ocean opal briolettes. They are approximately 1 5/8" long and sell for $21.50.

Next we have a pair that look a bit like little, tiny handbags. They are made from cherry quartz rectangle stones with cherry quarts nuggets and peridot stones. They are almost 1 1/2" inches long and sell for $19.50.

The last pair are true elegance. They are made from a very unique stone called larvikite.

Larvikite is a soda, lime rich Feldspar, also known as a plagioclase. In this grouping of Feldspars the sodium aluminum silicate and calcium aluminum silicate combine into a three way crystal system. This crystal formation contributes to the flashes found in Larvikite and other plagioclase siblings like Labradorite and Rainbow Moonstone.
(Source: Ozark Rock Exchange).

Larvikite is a stone with lovely variations of gray and steel colors, some that flash brightly in the light and other parts, that when the light hits them, they flash a beautiful blue. They sit horizontally, reflecting the lovely silver-wrapped aqua quartz briolettes and little laboradite rondelles that hang above them. The pair falls from sterling silver leverback ear wires. They are approximately 1 1/2" from the drop and cost $25.50.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Grape Fizz Necklace.

First: these beads are not pink. They, due to crappy camera syndrome, look pink. They are more of a blueish lavender. Sorry for any confusion...
This necklace is an Adorn Me jewelry one of a kind (OOAK) creation. It was named Grape Fizz, because there are various kinds of purples through it, and the lavender milk stone kind of glows, and depending upon the kind and amount of light, it almost looks a little blue (in spite of how it looks quite pinkish in these photos -- the pink is not true). This necklace is a little magical.

Found in Botswana, Africa, Botswana Agate is a rather hard gemstone. It is composed of banded Chalcedony (which gives it some of its glow).

The pendant itself is 1 7/8" long, and is also comprised of two amethysts and sterling silver. It hangs from a semi-woven necklace made of various iridescent Czech glass beads, milky lavender glass beads, mauve iridescent freshwater pearls, hematite seed beads and a nice hand-wrought silver heart charm (with pearl and glass) near the 'S' closure.

I know the challenges of accurately photographing jewelry without an obscenely expensive photo studio, and so often I see someone say how a piece of jewelry they've photographed just cannot be done justice. I often nod my head, because I know it's sometimes true. So I'll just say about this necklace that none of these photos do it justice.

The necklace is 22 1/4" long, and an decorative extension chain could be made for it, if needed.

Supposedly, according to those who keep track of such things, Eye Agate, or Botswana Agate, enhances sexual energy by giving physical stamina. Guess it can't hurt, anyway. This necklace is priced at $123.00. Matching earrings can be made, if you so desire.

More Abundant Veni

A couple more Veni to add to the collection.

The first is black agate with a nice long sugar druzy. She has a sterling silver wire bail that includes a fresh water iridescent silver pearl, a montana swarovski crystal (kind of a dusky gray-blue) and a small hematite seed bead. These same elements are used on her silver belly bracelet. I used on the silver pair of tulip earrings, as well as some montana swarovskis, and tiny little hematite seed beads. It is strung on black faux suede cord with a sterling S clasp. It can be whatever length you like. It sells for $31.50.

The next -- the one I call the Lemon Cream Venus -- is a bit more elaborate. My inability to really capture it well with the camera is frustrating.

The Lemon Cream Venus is a yellow and white goddess, though it looks like it has more and brighter yellow than it actually does. Its companion stones are yellow quartz (with a very slight green tinge) and clear, diamond-shaped glass beads, as well as AB large Czech glass seed beads and four little chartreuse round pearls. Her belly bracelet has butter jade and clear quartz.

Sterling silver, of course, is the only metal used. There is chain for the back part of it, which can be removed if it's too long at 27 3/4", and it would then be 21 1/2" without the chain. This lemony Venus sells for $75.50.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Custom Designs - Art Nouveau Tulips

The tulips are popular. We have received several special orders for them, and they are fun to make. They all sell for $26.50.

The first pair is different from the others in that the ends dangle, and also, they are antiqued silver over brass, and have sterling silver ear wires and wires at the end.

They include iridescent silvery fresh water potato pearls, tanzanite swarovski crystals, frosted grape Czech glass and pretty little minty rice-shaped Czech glass partially coated with vitriol. They are a total of 3" long, including ear wires. Oh, and you should know, all of the tulip earrings have a lovely tinkling sound when they move. If you love that, these are for you. If you hate it, we have many other designs.

The rest of the photos are just to show some of the possible options.

Iridescent brassy fresh water potato pearls and AB swarovski crystals.

Spring colors in bloom. This pair have strawberry baby bell flowers with aqua swarovskis and some more of those little minty vitriol-encrusted Czech glass beads. On hoops.

Grape Czech glass flowers with golden baby bell flowers and peridot swarovski crystals, on hoops.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Summer Solstice - a set.

This next piece is actually a set. It's a bracelet and earrings in the lovely summer colors of chartreuse and turquoise.

Large 20mm ovals of chartreuse howlite alternate with tiny silver beads and 10mm matrix chalk turquoise ovals make up this matching bracelet and earring set.

The bracelet has petite but effective bali silver a toggle closure, and hanging from it a little silver dragonfly, two small silver beads and a top-drilled AB swarovski crystal. It is adorned with bali beads at the ends. The howlite is a true chartreuse green and the chalk turquoise has a nice bronzey matrix.

The earrings really match the bracelet exactly -- down to being finished at the bottoms with the same little antiqued silver dragonflies that set off the bracelet. Here's a close-up of them.

The bracelet is 9.5 inches long and the earrings, from the drop are 2 inches long. The set sells for $51.50.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

More Rings of Fire

More of these luscious copper rings turned earrings.
This next pair don't have the nuance of volcano cherry quartz (which explains why there are only two photos in this entry), but if you like complimentary colors, nice matrix-y nuggets of rare and lovely stone, and unusual earrings that you won't see on the average woman on the street, these are the earrings for you.

Using the copper used in the luscious Rings of Fire jewelry line, these lovely nuggets of Gaspeite are nestled within the circles, hanging from fine copper wire. A bit about Gaspeite.

This pale to apple-green calcite is considered a rare mineral, mined in only a few locations. It is invariably found near deposits of nickel sulfide, which gives gaspeite its unique green hue. Gaspeite was discovered in 1966, although initially it was considered a by-product of nickel sulfide mining and discarded. It is named for the Gaspe Peninsula in Canada, where it was first obtained, but the best material in recent years has come from Australia. However, the stockpile of Australian gaspeite has been picked over and, since no new sources have been found, the gaspeite still on the market has become much more expensive. Its scarcity has helped fuel its popularity in semi-precious stone markets. Gaspeite is often is paired with gemstones such as azurite and sugilite for a stunning contrast. Emotionally, gaspeite is said to reduce distress and bring assurance. It also is said to reduce ignorance and attract friendship. Metaphysically, gaspeite is best known for helping to bring spirituality into everyday life. Mystics believe it to help heal problems with the heart, lungs and gallbladder. It is primarily related to the heart chakra. . (Source: Rings & Things Gemstone Beads Index)

These earrings, like the previous ones, are a total length, including wires of 1 1/2 inches. They are priced at $22.50.

Rings of Fire -- the genesis of a collection

There's a woman who works with copper whose work is simply spectacular. I see copper work and then I see hers, and there's often no comparison. I'm in love with her headpins, earring wires and especially her copper rings. They have this fire in them -- a variation of colors from red to burgundy to a golden yellow to almost eggplant purple. They inspire me to fill them with complimentary gems, and to also start a new line called Rings of Fire using her copper rings. Actually, all of the metal in these earrings but the fine copper wire was smith'd by her. It's all her fault, and she is to blame, for your being assaulted with more photos in this entry than in any other entry.

Given the new line, and the name of said line, it seems appropriate to start off with the volcano cherry quartz earrings. It's all cherry quartz, really (the focal stones in the mermaid earrings, below), but the "volcano" variety have what looks like fire in them. Stunning stones, they are, particularly when you can find the ones with lots of fire, and what actually looks like flames, as you can see. The stones with the refraction and visible flames are the most rare, and these stones flame on.

Look at how the colors in the copper so perfectly echo the colors in the volcano quartz. They were made for each other.

When you look at these earrings, you see depth. There is clear Quartz, there's cherry quartz, there's little specs of whatever accumulated through the ages, and then there is fire -- fire that comes from the inside and glows and refracts in the light, and then what almost seems to be (but is not) painted-on fire, on the outside. These earrings would look great on anyone, but someone with short hair, so the light can bring out the fire, would really wear the heck out of these earrings. There will be more in this line, but these particular stones are just perfect in their firey beauty. They are 1 1/2 inches long, from the top of the ear wire to the bottom of the ring, and they sell for a remarkably affordable $18.50.

Custom Design - Olivia's Autumn Friend

Olivia Octopus has been a very busy girl, so she's having friends lend a hand. Silliness, I know. Seriously, though, Olivia is very popular.

A client ordered an Olivia, but wanted some green in there to give more of an Autumnal feel, so, I have made the original Olivia, but also added some butter jade chunks and red Quartz chunks to the gems she holds in one of her arms. The accent up on the chain now has, instead of garned and a large freshwater pearl, the addition of a chunk of butter jade as well, swinging from a large jump ring.

So, to recap, for those who have not seen the original Olivia, we have an aged brass octopus with an arm dripping with red quartz, celestial larimar, butter jade, a large white freshwater pearl, garnet, copper Czech seed beads and a siam-colored faceted swarovski crystal briolette. The necklace itself comes in a about 24". Obviously, this one is sold, but I put it here to show what is possible. You can have your own Olivia -- I have her in aged brass, antiqued brass, antiqued silver over brass and a brass with a verdigris patina. You want certain gems or just certain colors, it's all possible. Just contact us and we'll make it happen.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Art Nouveau Tulip Earrings

Another bit of brass that's been hanging around waiting for attention.

The lines of these tulips is sensual and intricate, evoking the Art Nouveau period of art and design -- a favorite.

The pilstils in these are made from delicate copper wire, and they hold tanzanite swarovskis, lavender milk swarovskis, little baby bell strawberry milk flowers and copper beads. They hang on hoops, and are 3 3/4" from stem to stern (the tulips themselves are about an inch long), but we also offer the option of having them on brass leverbacks, or long brass kidney wires. We also have some tulips that are a bit darker and in silvertone, too. They sell for $26.50

This pair is sold, but there's plenty more, so if you'd like a pair just
contact us and we'll make it happen.

Gem-laden Mermaids

These brass mermaids hold a cache of lovely gems.

The mermaids themselves are about 1 1/2 inches tall, with their trove of goodies, about 2 1/8 inches from the top of her head to the bottoms of the juicy cherry quartz briolettes.

These have been in the Adorn Me inventory for a while, looking for a cluster of gems, and after receiving these cherry quartz rondelles and briolettes, they seemed like a natural match. It's all about the pinky-coral-salmon colors here, and boy, is there plenty of it.

Each mermaid holds a 10mm round of pinkish coral, a 10mm cherry quartz rondelle, a 14mm cherry quartz briolette, a white freshwater pearl, a salmon freshwater pearl, rose quartz, golden shadow swarovski crystals, moonstone chips, moonstone nuggets, salmon-colored glass Czech beads, copper Czech seed beads -- gathered together with copper wire, and all offset with a little pale aqua celestial larimar. They hang from two leverback brass ear wires, festooned with a couple more glass Czech beads.

These unique earrings will definitely garner remarks, and one thing we strives for is that even if you do happen to see someone wearing an octopus necklace, she won't be an opulent Oliva; even if you do see someone with a pair of mermaid earrings, they won't be an Adorn Me design, loaded with juicy gems. $38.00.