Wednesday, July 9, 2008

More Rings of Fire

More of these luscious copper rings turned earrings.
This next pair don't have the nuance of volcano cherry quartz (which explains why there are only two photos in this entry), but if you like complimentary colors, nice matrix-y nuggets of rare and lovely stone, and unusual earrings that you won't see on the average woman on the street, these are the earrings for you.

Using the copper used in the luscious Rings of Fire jewelry line, these lovely nuggets of Gaspeite are nestled within the circles, hanging from fine copper wire. A bit about Gaspeite.

This pale to apple-green calcite is considered a rare mineral, mined in only a few locations. It is invariably found near deposits of nickel sulfide, which gives gaspeite its unique green hue. Gaspeite was discovered in 1966, although initially it was considered a by-product of nickel sulfide mining and discarded. It is named for the Gaspe Peninsula in Canada, where it was first obtained, but the best material in recent years has come from Australia. However, the stockpile of Australian gaspeite has been picked over and, since no new sources have been found, the gaspeite still on the market has become much more expensive. Its scarcity has helped fuel its popularity in semi-precious stone markets. Gaspeite is often is paired with gemstones such as azurite and sugilite for a stunning contrast. Emotionally, gaspeite is said to reduce distress and bring assurance. It also is said to reduce ignorance and attract friendship. Metaphysically, gaspeite is best known for helping to bring spirituality into everyday life. Mystics believe it to help heal problems with the heart, lungs and gallbladder. It is primarily related to the heart chakra. . (Source: Rings & Things Gemstone Beads Index)

These earrings, like the previous ones, are a total length, including wires of 1 1/2 inches. They are priced at $22.50.

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