Sunday, June 29, 2008

More Abundant Goddesses

Caramel Venus
These gals don't last long. The first one is still available; the second one, taken, though, as always I will duplicate, as faithfully as possible, for those who are in need. ;)

This first sugar druzy agate goddess is made up of shades of caramel browns, very light and medium brown, with a sterling silver-wrapped belly bracelet and a sterling wire wrapped pendant bail. On the bail is a nice squarish chunk of firey moonstone. She hangs from a chocolate brown faux suede cord, finished with sterling connectors. The cord isn't cut yet, as I like for people to be happy with their purchases and not have their pendants too long or too short, so if you decide you want Caramel Venus for yourself, you'll need to contact Adorn Me with the length of cord you desire.

Around her waist, on the belly bracelet, is a little moonstone chip and a four little 4mm labradorite stones. Labradorite is one of my favorite stones. It has a quality that's a little like opal, a little like abalone, but much more subtle. Often, labradorite has a kind of brown/grayish non-descript color until the light hits them and then you see little bits of fire here and there. And she has a nicely sized sugar druzy.

She is 2 3/8" from the top of the silver bail to the bottom of her rounded belly. She costs $25.50.

Another beautiful Ebony
Before she was sold, the other goddess was an ebony sugar druzy agate with gray striations here and there.

Again, I used the jet Czech glass coin disc beads, but this time, evenly spaced with little 4mm quartz crystal rondelles with a diamond-like sparkle and blue fire. There are four slightly larger stones near the middle, coin beads, that have little gray striations that rather match the striations surrounding her beautiful sugar druzy, though they're really difficult to see in the photo. She has little hematite seed beads in-between each bead, and some clear glass Czech seed beads with black centers right where the pendant bail hangs. At the sterling silver S-clasp dangles more hematite, a quartz crystal bead, a tibetian silver butterfly and a jet swarovski rivioli.

On her belly bracelet is strung more hematite beads and one of the quartz crystal rondelles.

She is 23 1/4" long and cost $60. A matching pair of earrings was included.

Again, if you like this one, contact me and let me know, and while I cannot match these OOAK little Abundant Venus goddesses, I have some black ones I can use to make you something just as gorgeous.

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