Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Custom Design, and a Jewelry Renewal

Adorn Me jewelry, as makers of artisan, hand-crafted jeweled creations, welcomes custom design orders, repairs (if it's within the realm of possibility) and what we call jewelry refreshing, which is really a sort of renewal.

Custom and Special Order Jewelry
Because Adorn Me believes in beautiful jewelry in all sizes, your jewelry will be made to fit you. We custom, special order jewelry in various sizes, and if you ever see something you want that's already made but want it re-sized to fit, that can be done.

If you have a piece of jewelry that you want re-created, it might be possible. Sometimes we can make an exact re-creation. Othert imes, just an approximation, copying the spirit of the piece, if not the exact elements of your jewlery. We can also often do re-stringing, or taking pre-existing jewelry and putting it together in a fresh way, with new stones, crystals, etc.

It is also usually possible for us to re-create something we have already made and sold before, unless it is listed as a one-of-a-kind (OOAK) item and the client has paid extra for to keep it OOAK and not available to anyone else -- the caveat being that sometimes we cannot always get the exact same materials used in the piece you've seen and want, and stones always vary. If you see something you like and it is not marked as OOAK, and you would like for Adorn Me to re-create it, contact us and mention the name of the piece and if you would like it to be the same size, color, etc. If you like something but prefer to have it in gold-filled, or using different colors, that is possible, too. Keep in mind that for some alterations there may be an extra fee. Please contact us for more information.

Belle Nuit, or Beautiful Night

This set is a perfect example of one piece inspiring others. Here is a bracelet and earring set that was made specifically for a client a short while ago. It was created after a client saw the Ebony Abundant Venus and the black coin disc beads used on that piece. She told me what she wanted, and using black glass disc coin beads, hematite seed beads, sterling silver, and jet rivoli swarovski crystals, we created them. The earrings are suspended from sterling silver posts and are 1 3/8" long, starting from the post, so its total length. The bracelet is almost 8 3/4" long.

It is attractive in its inability to define each piece perfectly at night, by candle light, but yet it still sparkles and glows. This set is not, of course, for sale, but similar items can easily be made to fit you and your tastes.

Jewelry Renewal
Refreshing and renewing your tired jewelry is an Adorn Me specialty. If you have a necklace, for instance, where you have outgrown it, literally or figuratively, and you want it made larger, or refreshed a bit with some other stones or elements added, we can do it. Often, a nice piece of jewelry just needs a new look to bring it back into wear-ability again.

The top photo, for example, is of a pair of earrings that the owner stopped wearing. She loved the dichroic glass tiles, but the metal was silver-plated and the plating had worn off, making them look dull and rather ugly. She liked the swingy quality of the earrings and wanted something a little different, in silver. As you can see, they are much more wearable now. Contact us for more info.

In many cases, Adorn Me can repair your jewelry, depending upon what the job calls for. We do no torch work for now, but will in the future. Re-stringing is definitely possible, as are many other repairs. The best way to find out is to contact Adorn Me and we'll talk about it.

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