Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Art Nouveau Tulips with Cobalt Glass Flowers

These brass Art Nouveau tulips have been a very popular item, and I've been wanting to incorporate one of my favorite colors into a pair of tulip earrings, so here they are.

These earrings pair cobalt Czech glass bell flowers with deep blue baby bell flowers, and are finished at the end with small bronze Czech glass fire-polished a lovely gold. All of the findings are brass, and they come with lever back earrings, though they could also be put on brass hoops or large kidney wires, if you like. They look like they'd be heavy, but they're not, and they make a tinkling noise, so if you like that, they're for you. If not, they're not.

They are 3 1/8" long, and sell for $27.00, plus a reasonable shipping fee. They can be purchased by using the contact form at

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