Monday, September 8, 2008

More Gifts of Love - The Freshwater Coin Version

Pretty little swallows bringing good fortune, and bearing luminous gifts of love.
One of my favorite findings, these little antiqued silver over brass swallows are so graceful in design.

The last pair posted here, in July, were raw brass, and they had a bundle of gems hanging from the birds' beaks. This pair is a bit simpler in design, with these lustrous freshwater coin pearls as the 'gifts.' The headpins and earwires are Sterling Silver.

Here's a photo of them with a quarter, for a sense of scale (Canadian quarters are the same size as American quarters). They are almost 2" in length, including the ear wires, and they sell for $32.00, plus a reasonable shipping fee. They can be purchased by using the contact form at

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