Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Custom Design - An Abundant Goddess.

Our client fell in love with the Abundant Goddes Venus series necklaces and wanted one of her own, so Adorn Me happily obliged, and made a matching pair of earrings, as well.

The goddess focal bead hangs from a hand-crafted sterling silver bail. It is a black agate, with a few striations in white, gray and brown. She wears a sterling silver wire belly bracelet adorned with hematite seed beads and small laboradite rondelles.

The necklace itself is made of black glass coin disk beads, clear glass diamond-shaped beads, poppy jasper round stones, and more of the laboradite and hematite beads interspersed throughout.

The earrings include all of the elements of the necklace but the pendant, and complete the set nicely.

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