Monday, September 8, 2008

Amanda -- Freshwater Pearl Coin Earrings

I've loved pearls ever since receiving my first pearl earrings at 10 years old. Their glowing luster makes me "oooh" and "aaaah" inside. I have many kinds of pearls just waiting to be part of a design, but lately I've been enjoying the coins.

These Amanda earrings were created for a lovely young woman; they are, in some ways, very much like she is: bright, pretty, petite and round.

These earrings are simple in design, but elegant, and they will compliment most any outfit. They were hand-crafted using Sterling Silver ear wires and headpins.

Here's a photo of them with a quarter, for a sense of scale (Canadian quarters are the same size as American quarters). They are just over 1 1/4" long, including the ear wires, and they sell for $26.00, plus a reasonable shipping fee. They can be purchased by using the contact form at

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