Sunday, September 7, 2008

Over the Moon - Swallows For Good Luck

Swallows have long been a symbol of good luck, because they tell sailors they were getting closer to land, as they do not fly far from shore. Their presence lets farmers know that Spring is coming, and they also eat a lot of insects.

When it comes to these earrings, they are also beautiful birds that fly gracefully over iridescent freshwater coin pearl 'moons.'

These earrings are made with sterling silver wire, though the swallows are silver over brass. They hang from long sterling kidney ear wires that are just over 1.5" in length, for a total earring length of almost 2.5" long. You can get a sense of their scale next to a quarter (Canadian and American quarters are the same size).

These earrings can dress up a little, and they're also great worn with casual attire. These earrings sell for $29.00, plus a reasonable shipping fee, and can be purchased by using the contact form at

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