Saturday, February 6, 2010

Thank you, Karrita and Sari!

Adorn Me Jewelry would like to thank two more Etsians for featuring AMJ in their treasuries.

Karrita, at Mymothersgarden, created a moody black and midnight blue theme called "Midnight Blooms" featuring our Tangeled Web Hoop Earrings. The other artists featured are: mojospastyle, moiandtoi, tidabeads, susansheehan, sleeks, HautTotes, Lori411, norakaren, VieModerne, dbabcock, and ByTheBy. Thank you, Karrita!

We'd also like to thank Sari, from Gaialai, for featuring AMJ's Femme Mysterieux, Vintage Elements Necklace, in her treasury called "Fooya!" The other artists that were featured are: Lori411, 5erg, veroque, TheApple, orlydesign, rachelilila, Rolyzcreations, sarahhornik, AyalaLevinger, michals, and dbabcock. Thanks so much Gaialai!!

Many of the treasuries include team members from The Etsy Treasury Team, or ETTEAM, of which AM
J is a member. ETTEAM is a wonderful, supportive team and a fantastic group of artisans. Thank you, teamies! :c)

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Midnightcoiler said...

Gorgeous treasuries!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful treasuries!

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Adorn Me jewelry said...

Thank you for looking and commenting, Lynn and Mary! It's very kind of you. :c)