Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Shout Out to Melissa and Mary!

Adorn Me Jewelry would like to thank two more ETTEAM teammates for featuring our items in their treasuries.

HautTotes owner Melissa created a delicious treasury of oranges, pinks, and yellows called "Tangerine Dreams, Marmalade Skies." She was lovely to include AMJ's Peach Celluloid Lily Flower Hairpins. The other artists she featured are: ZaftigDelights, Intentions, arosha, Waterrose, TheApple, EarringsByKaren, LindenAvenueDesigns, lindesigns, CricketsCreations, bythewayside, and KnitzyBlonde. Thank you, Melissa!!

Our second thanks goes to Mary, of hoganfe. Mary created a sultry mix of black, silver, and grays called "Sooo Smokin Hot!" where she was kind enough to include our Helen, Lady of Sorrows - Romantic Necklace. The other artists featured are: loveartworks, kanokwalee, JaneElizabeths, baharcollection, moonlightbeadworks, tyarkoni, toolisjewelry, gaialai, GlitzGlitter, WeeBindery, and btaylorquilts. Thanks Mary!

These treasuries were made by, and include, team members from The Etsy Treasury Team, or or ETTEAM, of which AMJ is a member. You wouldn't be able to find a nicer and talented bunch of artisans! Thank you, teamies! :c)

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Pamela Zimmerman said...

gorgeous treasuries! Aren't they, though?

Karen said...


Anonymous said...

Love that Tangerine Treasury & I thank you for adding my Smokin treasury!

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