Monday, February 15, 2010

Thank you, Karen!

We would like to thank Karen, of SmallEarthVintage, for featuring our print, After Mahler 8x10 Fractal Art Print, from one of our other shops, Fractalgirl, in her eclectic treasury called, "LOVE to a STRANGER." The other Etsians featured are: editionbw, inbalbittan, GreenLivingSoap, swaneegrace, dkim, Marjji, JuniperLodge, hungrydogdesigns, dekanimal, searchandrescue, and FrumsGlassMenagerie. I'm sorry not to have gotten a screen grab of this treasury in time. Thought I had it but didn't.

In any case, thanks bunches Karen for featuring an item from our Fractalgirl shop!!

If you scroll down a bit and look to the sidebar on the right you'll see our little Etsy Mini with some of the store items for sale.

In our Fractalgirl shop we sell some of our vibrant, original fractal art prints, and are now starting to destash jewelry supply parts -- some vintage. Please click here to visit our Fractalgirl shop.

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