Friday, April 2, 2010

Milk or dark, it's your choice.

I choose both! :c)

I'd like to announce a new design to both the Fractal Girl and Adorn Me Jewelry stores. You'll find a discount for a quantity of three in the Fractal Girl store.

Based upon a British WWII poster, this perfectly describes my motto. You've seen the chocolate lover's version here first, folks -- this is the original.

An 11 x 17 poster, professionally printed on quality 100# glossy book stock. I give a discount on larger quantities, just drop me a note to inquire.

Enjoy and share with friends and fellow chocolate lovers!

AMJ doesn't usually do prints, but from time to time you will find one or two there; Fractal Girl is all about prints (and destash, but that's not the store's main reason for being).

Look for more artwork from both Adorn Me and Fractal Girl!

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