Sunday, April 18, 2010

Loving Lucite

One of Adorn Me Jewelry's favorite materials to work with is Lucite because it's so diverse, and in most cases is comparitively inexpensive while giving a very luxe look. While many often think of Lucite being strictly translucent, it actually comes in in many degrees of opaqueness, colors, and texture. We always love working with vintage components, and almost all of our Lucite used in our designs is vintage.

In our Vintage Metro Line, we carry a wide array of lucite jewelry where we use vintage beads made in the 1930's - 1980's, and give them updated, Modern look (in some cases a Mod look). Adorn Me Jewelry's entire Vintage Metro Line can be found here in our "Vintage Elements" section.

One of our best sellers -- and a sweet, fun, Springish pair of earrings are our Elle - Vintage Bead Earrings with a Modern Twist! Below vintage, crystal clear asymmetrical lucite beads hang one smooth round, opaque, baby pink, vintage lucite bead. The finishing touch is a fabulous asymmetrical, vintage lucite bead that's translucent pink! The entire piece is hand wrapped with shiny copper wire, and hang from shiny copper lever back ear wires. More information and photos can be found here. These are a must for pink lovers out there!

Our Champagne on Ice, Vintage Bead Earrings with a Modern Twist feature a vintage, clear, asymmetrical piece of lucite "ice" that has been placed between round, vintage lucite bubble beads -- the "champagne." They are all hand wrapped with antiqued brass wire, and hang from antiqued brass lever back ear wires, and are 3 1/8" in length. Lovely and fun! More info and pics can be found here.

Another one of Adorn Me Jewelry's favorites is our Lana - Vintage Teardrop Faux Pearl earrings. These sensuous beauties feature pale baby-pink, vintage lucite teardrop-shaped faux pearls. To add more glamor to these lovelies, 3mm white round Swarovski crystal pearls and 4.5mm simplicity-cut Copper Shadow Swarovski crystals have been added to the bright pinkish copper findings. More info and pics can be found here.

An unusual vintage lucite piece for the pink lovers out there is our Chinese Lantern necklace in very pale iridescent pink. This necklace's focal point is an 11mm vintage ribbed and pebbled lucite bead that glows a soft, pale baby pink. All of the findings used are a deep gray gunmetal for contrast and feature a 2mm gunmetal round bead. The little 'lantern' hangs from petite gunmetal chain with a heart-shaped parrot clasp closure. More photos and info can be found here. We also carry matching earrings which can be found here. If you like this particular design, but would prefer it not to be in pink, take a look at these. This design features 12mm copper- and gray-colored vintage ribbed and pebbled lucite beads. The matching necklace can be found here.

If you're a lover of spring green, AMJ's Iridescent Peridot Green Vintage Bead Flapper Earrings are for you (plus they happen to be on sale)! They're 4" in length (including the ear wires) and feature big 18mm vintage lucite rounds that have the loveliest iridescent peridot green swirling pattern which dangle flapper style, from Vintaj Natural Brass findings. More photos and info can be found here. Full of fun, movement, and wonderful color!

A piece that uses more lucite than any other is our Charlotte Redux - Vintage Romantic, Art Nouveau Era necklace (which also happens to be on clearance). This stunner features a large natural brass swallow stamping that is surrounded on each side by 1" long, clear, twisted, vintage lucite beads, which really sparkle. They are interspersed with antiqued brass-colored lucite beads with an Art Nouveau floral design and strung on etched antiqued brass chain. More photos and information can be found here. This lovely piece is simple, yet intricate, and would be a wonderful item to add to your collection!

Another one of our Lucite items that happens to be on sale is our Amber Twist Vintage Bead earrings. Hanging from large sterling silver kidney wires, the 19mm x 15mm vintage lucite beads sparkle and emanate a firey warmth when the light hits them, and are capped with antiqued sterling inverse heart bead caps. More info and photos about these beauties.

Another lucite best seller is our Pashmina en Copper, Lush Vintage Bead earrings. The color of these is really such a beautiful pinkish copper. These leverback earrings feature intricately carved copper colored vintage lucite flute beads that hang from handmade ball end rosey copper head pins and are topped by with tiny little copper ball beads and 4mm bicone crystals in a newer Swarovski color called "Air." The complimentary color contrast between the bead and the crystal is lovely. More info and photos can be found here. Simple, yet intricate at the same time.

Our last featured item is our newest lucite addition, Pods - Otherworldly Vintage Lucite Bead earrings. These highly textured earrings feature vintage brass tone lucite organic styled beads that look like leaf pods. They hang from antiqued brass lever back ear wires, and have a small brass teardrop that dangles below the pod. More photos and info on these earrings can be found here.

If you would like to see more of Adorn Me Jewelry's Lucite pieces, please check out our "Vintage Elements" section.

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Anonymous said...

Hey T!

I LOVE your new Vintage Metro Elements line!! Such stunning work! I was bowled over when I checked your blog and saw the images. As always, even your photographs are works of art in and of themselves!

So glad to hear from you, and thanks for stopping by my blog to visit! Glad you like how the twin entrelac afghans came out :). You hit the nail right on the head when you asked about the frustration that comes with balancing flying trips for work and the absolute yearning to create. It's a struggle that I'm battling all the time! That's why I take so much time off from work, so that I can be at home in my design studio ;)!

Adorn Me Jewelry said...

Hi Cindy!

Thank you, thank you! I've done kind of a crazy thing -- this:

It's actually a venue to sell prints, cards, mugs, stuff like that, with photographs of jewelry that I've turned into artwork (me? obsessed with jewelry? never! heh), so that you give such praise means a lot to me. Thank you. :c)

I really love your creations and only wonder what you'd be pumping out if you weren't working so much, because your drive to create is palpable. I know I get the same way when life keeps me from creating for any length of time. Even if I have to stay up late to do it, or maybe put off something else I really need to do, sometimes I just have to create something that is just for me (even if I don't keep it) -- something I've been seeing in my mind's eye or have down on paper. It's a relief when I do. It must be for you, too, when you finally get the chance.

Every time I fly I think of you and look for you. LOL And I sometimes look at the flight attendant's jumpseat for a moment and picture you there with your yarn, impossibly creating something whilst thousands of feet in the air and on the job. Silly, isn't it? Still, it's true. :c)