Sunday, July 25, 2010

White Mystic Topaz...

If you've never seen highest gem quality white mystic topaz you're missing a real treat. They sparkle like diamonds, and the colors refracted are mesmerizing.

These gem quality, positively delicious rainbow mystic white topaz faceted pear briolettes are, bar none, some of the most gorgeous, luxe stones we have in stock. They are totally clear, but pick up and refract the light to spark off a range of colors. They are simple in design: just the gorgeous topaz wrapped in oxidized sterling silver, hanging from ball end oxidized sterling ear wires, and are approximately 1 1/8" in length, from top to bottom.

I'm a huge fan of moonstone and these are even lovelier than the finest moonstone . These stones are topaz, not quartz, which means they are of a much higher quality and greater hardness and durability. Their clarity is superb, having a classification of VVS, or AAA quality. Magnificent! You may find them here.

. . .

Now, on to the next pair of white mystic topaz earrings! These are longer, at 2 inches, and use beautiful little silver and marcasite 'S" connectors. They are One Of A Kind (or, OOAK)!

Elegant in design, I hand-wrapped these gorgeous brios in shiny sterling silver and hung them from silver and marcasite connectors and semi-circle sterling silver ear wires. Their design makes for a long -- but not too long, slinky design. You may find these earrings here.

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apricot said...

These topaz earrings are beautiful! I really like the look of the wire-wrapping. It really makes the stone stand out.

Adorn Me Jewelry said...

Thank you, apricot!!

Jay said...

These topaz earrings are really beautiful !!! I really love it. They sparkle like diamonds, and the colors refracted are mesmerizing.