Friday, March 12, 2010

Why is fit important?

You see the perfect necklace in the display case -- the color, the design -- you can actually feel your pupils expand. It is love at first site. You try it on and it feels as if you're wearing a choke chain. Because of the style, even one of those practical but generally unattractive extenders won't work. Defeat.

Many women who are either much smaller, or larger, than 'normal' have the experience of finding jewelry that either cuts off the blood supply or falls off.

Fit is important for a number of reasons, but the reason I like best is that jewelry is supposed to make us feel better. It glimmers, we lust, then buy and anticipate wearing it. Often it can be a sensual experience when it comes to the feel of various kinds of stones and the smoothness of the metal. It's hard to enjoy oneself or feel good in one's jewelry, if a necklace that was made to rest between the clavicles is actually a choker -- a choker that feels like it's choking us. Likewise, when one is very thin it's difficult to wear a bracelet that just will not stay on and slips off too easily. True that it's sometimes easier to make a thing smaller than to try to enlarge it, but not always.

My experience growing up was one of disappointment in bracelets, rings and necklaces (forget anklets -- lost cause), because I could just never find any that fit, and I've always refused to make myself uncomfortable trying to fit in, literally and figuratively. This is why I started making my own jewelry at the age of ten. This is also why it's so important to me that your jewelry feels good on you, makes you feel good to wear it, and that it fits just as it should.

At Adorn Me Jewelry we take the fit of your jewelry seriously, so please know that unless it says in the shop listing that it's not adjustable or cannot be made to size (a rarity, but it occasionally happens -- like with our The Birds and The Bees bracelet) everything is able to be made in your size, whether you are so petite that you find yourself having to shop in the children and young miss section (like a friend of mine has to do), or whether you are large enough to have no options of brick and mortar stores and have to shop online on through catalogs.

A dear friend had a simply beautiful multi-strand freshwater pearl necklace that her husband had given her years ago, and she had gained weight and hadn't been able to wear it for a number of years. I worked with her to design a new necklace that fit her the way she wanted it to, and we even had enough left over for a bracelet. This sort of thing can be done, and it gives new life to pieces that you either can no longer wear, or that you never really could wear for reasons of fit.

Likewise, if you see something in our shop that you love and you would like it larger or smaller, contact us and we will be more than happy to make sure your jewelry feels good on you and fits like it should.


niftyknits said...

excellent attitude to customer satisfaction, and so UNLIKE many high street stores.

Adorn Me Jewelry said...

Thank you, Ms. Meerkat. Much appreciated. :c)

Anonymous said...

Very, very well said!