Sunday, May 17, 2009

Gift Certificate Giveaway!

Today is the start of our Gift Certificate Giveaway, wherein our winner will receive a $15.00 gift cert good for any purchase in our store. All you pay is shipping. This giveaway will end on Wednesday, May 20th, when the entrants' names will be put in a hat and Mr. Adorn Me will pull it out, as last time. In order to enter you must go to our Adorn Me Jewelry at Etsy store and and look through our items. Come back here and in the comments section of this post let me know which item is your favorite and why. But don't forget to leave me your email address, so I can contact you for your snail mail address if you win. Please be sure to do this before Midnight, Eastern time, on Wednesday, May 20th, or you'll be too late! Good luck!!


niftyknits said...

having gone all the way through - turns out my favourites are on page 1 as featured items. I love peacock feathers, I love coper, and I love looooong earrings, so these satisfy all three at once. I'm also taken with the idea of using a tealight as a size reference. It always confuses me when sellers use coins - I don't know what size foreign coins are!

Waterrose said...

i love this

sooo beautiful!

if I just happen to know where to find me!

moushka said...

Everything is so beautiful and unique.
I think the magenta Trinity earrings are gorgeous and I would be thrilled to have a pair.

Anonymous said...

Wait, we have to pick only one? Honestly, I'd have to say my two favorites are the Earth Goddess Earrings and the Necklace.

But I'd definately go with the necklace as my top favorite.

The reason why I like them goes towards the fact that they're great neutral pieces that would go with a large number of outfits (maximizing the wearability!) and well, it's shiny and vintage looking. Who can say no to shiny? This is a piece that I'm sure a lot of people would have problems keeping their hands off of. Oh, and this is something that you could wear out to a classy dinner or even just on a regular day.

katy said...

this is so great! definitely my fave:

katymcdougall at hotmail dot com

Jackie said...

My favorite is on the first page, too.

Aura - Amazingly Colorful Vitrail Aurora Molded Glass Teardrop Necklace

I think it is stunning - I like the shape, smooth texture and fun coloring.

Jackie said...

OH, my email is: or you can contact me on my website:


throuthehaze said...

i love the Purple Chrysanthemum and Copper Filigree Adjustable Ring. Purple is my favorite color!
throuthehaze at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I really do adore your jewelry!!! I mean, pick one?! It's impossible! I love em all:) But if I must, I'd pick Mod Design - Carnelian and Eggplant Copper Circle earrings :
They're super stylish and I just love the color!
But I do love all those flower rings too! So I'll mention just one, ok:D Pale Sage Lily Adjustable Ring
-it's so super adorable:)

l'actrice said...

My favorite is Trinity en large, because it's so simple and elegant! Just love it, Tina!


Halifax said...

I like the Twilight Is Calling, a necklace with a Romantic, Gothic feel, as I like the movie and it's nice to have a jewelry piece to remind me of it


Mrs. Sugar Smitten said...

I really like the little finch egg earrings, but can't decide which color. They are so simple, but so different and unique.

Thanks for the give-away!

Mrs. Sugar Smitten said...