Thursday, April 9, 2009

Weekend Sale at Adorn Me jewelry!

Beginning Friday, April 10th through Sunday, April 12th From Friday through Monday we will be offering 20% off all items in our Flowers From Our Garden section. Also, we will offer a free pair of Amanda earrings when a person purchases 3 items from any mix of sections in our Adorn Me Jewelry at Etsy shop!

This will be the first of two sales -- the second being our Tax Relief Sale, which will bring further discounts. This sale will only be announced to our mailing list. To join the list, go to: and choose the "Add me to your mailing list" option.


niftyknits said...

I like sales - I've never heard of a tax relief sale though?

Adorn Me jewelry said...

Hi Heather!

That's for the approximate time when tax returns come in. A customer of mine asked if I would have a sale at this time so that she could buy some jewelry with the money she would receive from her tax refund. :)

l'actrice said...

You are full of surprises, Tina!!!!