Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Custom Design - Vineyard

It's called "Vineyard" because of the lovely, very natural-looking mix of greens and purples. This necklace was a custom order from a client who wanted something special for her friend and workmate. She wanted something in purple and green and left it to me to come up with a design. Purple and green is one a favorite color combo, so it was a pure pleasure to create this necklace.

We started amassing stones with an eye on what would make nice contrasts, both in texture and color, and came up with first, a really unusual, substantial in size, purple African Opal focal stone. It's big at 1 3/8" square, and feels just weighty enough. It is the focal stone that makes this necklace a one of a kind (OOAK) piece of jewelry. It's the only one Adorn Me has seen in our jewel-hunting 'travels,' and it's doubt there will be another one just like it.

The African Opal is surrounded by two AB tanzanite swarovskis, lovely prehenite nuggets, large rich green oval Nephrite (or Jadeite) stones, Amethyst nuggets, lavender and purple czech beads, and little sterling silver beads throughout. It closes via a lobster claw clasp. At the clasp, you can see the large top-drilled amethyst nugget, attached with a daisy bali bead and silver ball headpin, which makes it look like a flower. The total length of this necklace is 17".

What fun it was to create this surprise gift!

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