Monday, August 30, 2010

"What are those little brown squares in my order?"

I've been asked that question before, and the answer is two-fold:

1) Don't throw them away!

2) They help to prevent tarnishing of your silver and copper.

Adorn Me includes these tabs in with your order as a service, to help keep your jewelry shiny. The technology used to make these are the same that is used by NASA, the Guggenheim Museum, and smart jewelry manufacturers around the world.

These tabs provide protection from tranish for up to 12 months (keeping your jewelry in the sealed little bags they came in helps to keep the tabs fresh longer), and they do not leave any deposits on the items they protect. You can even use it for pearl and opal-based pieces, but be sure to allow your pearls and opals to breathe, as they need air, so do not seal those bags for long, if at all.

They do not out-gas like charcoal-based poly tabs or charcoal papers, and they are non-toxix, non-abrasive, and will not scratch or harm your jewelry. Each tab protects up to 30 cubic inches of container space.

So, as you can see, the tabs are in your jewelry bag for a reason, so don't throw them out. Just one more service that we like to provide -- along with rubber ear wire stoppers, protective and lovely packaging and gift enclosure notes -- to make your experience better and your purchases long-lasting. :c)

I should add that these tabs do not clean the jewelry, they only keep it from tarnishing. To clean you need something like the very reasonably-priced polishing cloth we offer in our shop. The tab only keeps clean jewelry shiny, but won't actually clean it itself. Your tarnish-prone jewelry (all jewelry, really) should be wiped clean and then polished before and after wearing and stored. Use the outside cloth to wipe clean, then the inside cloth to polish, and then a different part of the outside cloth to final polish.

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